Brake Services in Kauai, HI

brake repairHaving working brakes on your vehicle can be the difference between life and death. Whether it’s a red light, stray animal in the road or just a quick speed reduction, being able to apply the brakes confidently is essential. At Wayne’s Auto Repair, Inc., we’ll make sure your brakes work perfectly each time you step on the pedal.

Brake service in Kauai, HI is one of our specialties, and we always take the time to make sure this essential safety feature is working optimally. Our abilities cover your entire braking system, from the master cylinder to the pads and shoes themselves. We can even run diagnostics on your brakes to ensure they’re applying the correct force and that ABS systems are functional. Count on us to deliver service for:


Pads wear down over time, limiting your stopping power. If you notice your brakes not kicking in as quickly as they should be or need more pressure on the pedal, schedule an appointment. Squeaking or squealing noises are also an indication your pads need replacement.


Over time, your brake shoes can become warped or warn through overuse. We’re adept at identifying malformations with your shoes and can replace them to guarantee the best functionality from your brakes.


Rotors have a tendency to become warped and rigid with time. Let us replace them. To ensure your brakes are able to be applied properly and effectively when it comes time to stop.

Entire System

When you turn to us for brake repair in Kauai, HI, know you’re getting complete system service. Whether you need master cylinder service, a brake bleed or complete system replacement, we’re the shop for the job.

Stay Safe with Great Brakes in Lihue, HI

Don’t wonder if your brakes are in their best working condition: know they are. Stay up to date on this vital part of vehicle maintenance by scheduling an appointment with Wayne’s Auto Repair, Inc. Reach us today at 808-245-3723.